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Jun. 13th, 2014 06:00 pm
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Log Posting

An easy paste starter can be found below.

Action and prose tags and posts are both welcome.

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Who: Linda Esquivel ([personal profile] domesheriff) and Una Persson ([personal profile] una_persson)
What: Discussing the situation in Chester's Mill
When: After this thread and Una's return from Kay's world
Where: Security Station
Notes & Warnings: Discussion of the disturbing situation in Chester's Mill under the dome

Linda's secrets are out )
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Who: Visscher and Narvin
What: The Going Home plot
When: cross-dimensional wobbly time
Where: A Celestial Intervention Agency space station in orbit around Gallifrey
Notes & Warnings: Probably violence, psychic virus that makes people crazy murderers, possibly alien parasite action

It’s quiet...too quiet... )
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Who: Grainne, & anyone who might want to go with her
What: A trip to late 20th century London and Ireland
When: The Voyage Home event
Where: London & a few days in Ireland.
Notes & Warnings: Grainne's going to have a bit of a psl with this but that'll be going down elsewhere and probably not in front of any visitors, but anyone wanting to see London before the turn of the century can ask to hop along!

Content )
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Who: Agent K and Various
What: A trip to his univers and a discussion about going to Linda's
When: During the The Voyage Home plot.
Where: Security / MiB verse
Notes & Warnings: I'm aiming for humor with this one, so it shouldn't get over PG-13. Information on Kay's home here.

Trip threads and talking with Linda )
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Who: Niko Bellic and Whoever
What: This is about a dozen different starters
When: During the Voyage Home plot and two specific backdated threads.
Where: Around Blackstaff and in Liberty City
Notes & Warnings: Eventual violence and language and maybe sensitive subjects and probably fire and destruction because it's Liberty City.

Chocobo Riding: For Linda )

Searching for a way to help Gale: For Garona )

Liberty City: OTA )
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Who: Grainne, Dr. Visscher, and anyone that wants to taste Grainne's cooking
What: Breakfast!
When: Month 12, Day 18
Where: Resort's dining area
Notes & Warnings: The food may either be a bit bland or over spiced.

Content )
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Who: Merchants and You
What: Open Market
When: M12 D14
Where: The Market
Notes & Warnings: Warnings will be in individual thread starters as players see fit. Here is the market OOC post.

The Market )
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Who: Grainne, Open
What: A day in the life of a retired Servant. Running errands, skeleton bashing, turning in bounties and general kerfluffles. See prompts!
When: Month 12, Day 13
Where: Around Blackway
Notes & Warnings: TBA

Prowling around the perimeter: Early Morning )

Bounties )

Gardens )

Choose your own adventure! )
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Who:Jade and OPEN
What:Visiting the museum and running into friends
When:M12 D10
Where:Various exhibits in the museum
Notes & Warnings:None at the moment

Read more... )
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Who: Ashe and Niko | Ashe and Open
What: Bowling with Niko | Having a couple drinks at The Rising Sun
When: M12D7
Where: Mr. Jellicles & The Rising Sun
Notes & Warnings: Possible NPC Interactions with Dorian if you guys want, just let me know in the header. Also pretty sure if anyone wants to jump in on the bowling post thats cool.

[Semi-closed to Niko] Mr. Jellicles
Ashe had spent the past few days busy, trying to not just work, but to make some money on the side to make sure he was not flat broke when he decided to look into one of those bikes. The sad fact of the matter is that with his curse he didn't really HAVE to sleep, nor did he HAVE to eat he just feels more human doing so. So he had been of the radar even missed the days of strangers around because he had kept himself busy.

A message had been sent to Niko and tonight he had washed the paints off his face, had his hair pulled back in a loose messy pony tail his hair had a little bit to go before it would necessarily need to be pulled back but it was bothering him tonight and he decided to just tie it up and ignore it. He was dressed in a pair of faded black jeans and an old Metallica shirt. Yeah, he brought his clothes from home at least what had survived when he moved here, a jean jacket over that and motorcycle boots to finish off the look.

Granted at the moment he was busy changing those boots for proper shoes to wear for this while he waited for Niko.

[ Open] Rising Sun
Later in the evening Ashe was sitting, his hair pulled down again, a glass of whiskey sitting in front of him. He wasn't brave enough to try the space juices just yet. He was only idly listening to the pale owner of the bar muttering about which bands were superior, Ashe figured it was sparked by the logo on his shirt and normally he would love to listen to someone's thoughts. Tonight had been awesome till he got home and made the mistake of letting his mind wander, which lead to another read through of Sarah's journal, and looking through what was left of Danny's art work. He knew he did the right thing, but he would never be with them. He would never cross over, so tonight he was wasting some of that hard earned money on a means to numb the pain.

[ Anything else? ]

Feel free to start your own thing here if you wanna see Ashe~!
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Who: Grainne and Narvin
What: Grainne and Narvin discover a new type of spawner (spider spawner)
When: After 4th wall day ends
Where: Here
Notes & Warnings: Spiders. And probably violence against spiders.

The Ravine )
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Who: Niko Bellic | Craig Boone
What: Niko embarrasses himself twice over
When: After the clean up efforts (probably dated to around the 16th or D6)
Where: Petal & Stamen
Notes & Warnings: NC-17? This post exists for no other reason than for Niko to throw a dildo at Boone's face, and it's set in a brothel, so anything associated with that. Also they will probably talk about their horrible terrible life histories somewhere around this dildo because that's how they do.

Cut that is a cut )
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Who: Various
What: 4th Wall Event
When: M12 D3-D5 (on Mar 7 - 15)
Where: Around Blackway and Blackstaff
Notes & Warnings: Please attach any warnings necessary to thread subjects. This does count for game canon. All 4th wall threads go here, and information is available on OOC and news. The game's navigation is here.

Open House )
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Who: Una Persson and OPEN (with threads for Niko and Niles)
What: Life in Blackstaff
Where: Various places; see threadstarters, or feel free to start your own
When: In the week or so after the witch den expeditions and Una's punitive assignment
Warnings: TBD

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Who: Una Persson and Emilia Westmarch
What: Una undertakes a punitive assignment. Emilia's lending a hand. Neither quite knows what they're in for.
Where: A version of Earth, Indonesia, Dutch colonial era, late 19th c.
When: Some time after the events with the witch huts.
Warnings: References to colonialist awfulness. Will update as needed.

Read more... )


Feb. 23rd, 2015 07:35 pm
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Who: Niles Pottinger and OPEN
What: Niles is looking for a dealer
When: After the swamp exploration is over
Where: Pugsy's
Notes & Warnings: Reference to drug use/addiction.

Getting yourself addicted to Adreno is bad )


Feb. 17th, 2015 09:49 pm
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Who: Una and Niles
What: Una travelling to other universes, recruiting guests
When: Outside the space-time of the game universe (but nowish)
Where: The Dakota Reaches, North America, 2047
Notes & Warnings: Will add if any come up

The Arse End of Nowhere )
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Who: Various
What: Swamp Hunting
When: M11 D27 - M11 D29 (Feb 17 - Feb 25) IMPORTANT NOTE days have been changed to make the plot more accommodating.
Where: Three different swamps far from the Village
Notes & Warnings: See the plot post for further details. You are allowed to go to more than one swamp. There's plenty of time, to. Plotting Links: The Marsh of Sorrow | The Offending Swamp | The Witch's Den. Participation is encouraged so that we can make later plots around expanded world access, or so that characters can use potions or cauldrons they didn't turn in themselves. The Slip 'n' Slide log is still open for tagging.

Your contestants )
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Who: Various
What: Open Post
When: M11 D23 - D24
Where: All around Blackway
Notes & Warnings: Potential prompts below the cut! Feel free to add or make up your own, especially for workspaces. Plot information.

Content )
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Who: Tuco and Belloq, Niko and Belloq, Una and Belloq, and open to others as desired
What: Threads of Belloq's bad choices coming back to haunt him. All threads of comeuppance are welcome here.
When: First thread after this thread with Tuco when Belloq was announcing Niko's "death." All other threads after Niko returns alive and well.
Where: All around Blackway.
Notes & Warnings: Swearing. Probably much swearing. Threats of violence. Others tba.
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